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Class Rooms

Our classrooms are spacious, well-lit, and equipped with ergonomic furniture to ensure students’ comfort and focus during lessons. We utilize state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards that bring lessons to life with vibrant visuals, interactive activities, and multimedia content. This technology fosters engagement and enhances learning outcomes. Our classrooms are designed to be flexible, allowing for different configurations to accommodate various teaching styles and activities. Whether it’s group work, independent study, or presentations, our classrooms can adapt to meet the needs of diverse learning experiences.

Infirmary Facility

We offer immediate first aid services for minor injuries and illnesses that may occur during school hours. Our staff is trained to handle a wide range of medical situations and provide prompt assistance when needed. Our infirmary is stocked with essential medical supplies and equipment, including bandages, antiseptics, thermometers, and basic medication, to address common health concerns and emergencies. We provide a comfortable resting area within the infirmary where students can recuperate under supervision if they are feeling unwell or need a temporary break from class activities.


At Insight, we provide Cambrige standard Computer Science Lab, Science Lab, Maths lab. School labs are very important as practical application of the concepts learned in class will bring about a better understanding in the pupil and it will be retained in the memory for a long time.

In addition, we also have Personality Development lab where students are encouraged to take part in debates, dramatics, poetry recitation and other activities.

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